5 Things You Need to Check Before Purchasing Kitchen Appliances

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Isabella Whitmore US

Other Articles | September 24, 2019

Domestic appliances are one of the more important elements of the house. They are a big help and support especially in the kitchen. Durability and performance are significant factors when choosing appliances but there is more to check to ensure you’ll get the best appliances for your kitchen.

Having the right appliances will add convenience and comfort. To achieve this, it is helpful to review all the necessary information about the appliance before purchasing. Here are 5 essential things you need to check before buying an appliance to make sure your new purchase is a good addition to your home.

  1. Design and Aesthetics. Appearance is usually the first thing we look for when buying an appliance. Obviously, we want an attractive piece to add in the kitchen. Beautiful appliances enhance the look and ambiance of the room. Luckily, there is now wide selection of appliance designs that allows you to pick the best one to match your kitchen design.
  2. Budget. It is important to set a budget as this will help you focus your choices. New models and appliances with advance technology are expected to be more expensive than older models. However, do not worry if you are on a tight budget as there are a lot of practical ways to get quality appliances at affordable price. You can buy an older model which is sold at lower price than the new release or if you really want the new model you can trade-in your old appliance as part-exchange for a new one by looking for a trade-in store in your area.
  3. Features. Assess your family’s needs before deciding what to purchase. Do you need a variable temperature kettle for your tea loving family or is a simple kettle enough? Do you need a refrigerator with door locks and alarms to prevent your toddlers from playing with the fridge or would that be a useless function to you? Added features are added comfort but it can also be just an additional cost. Assess your needs and usage to ensure that every cent you spend on your new purchase is worthwhile.
  4. Reviews. Make use of the internet to read reviews about the product you are planning to buy. This is helpful to get knowledge of a product especially about the durability and functionality. You can easily find customers reviews online especially on websites that sell appliances just like Amazon. It is also worthwhile to ask your friends’ opinion if they happened to use the brand or the model that you want to purchase.
  5. Stores. Choose your retail store wisely. Visit multiple stores first before settling on one to buy from to make sure that you get the best deal. Sellers offers different prices and gimmicks to get ahead from their competitors. Check out what other stores have to offer so you know you’ll get the best deal. This will allow you to save money by taking advantage of discounted sales, freebies, and other promotional offers.

Be meticulous when choosing an appliance so you can save money and get the quality appliance that you deserve.

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The Hot Water Heater: A Look Inside An Important Appliance

A hot water heater is so important to any household, that is why we at True Appliance Repair of Harlingen, TX love to learn all we can and share it with you our valued customers. This article by Ace Abbey, gives some great tips and advice about your water heater. We hope you enjoy.

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Ace Abbey

Home Repair Articles | September 18, 2011

Ask almost any plumber, and they will tell you that a homeowner’s hot water heater is typically one of the most frequently ignored appliances they own. It is an appliance that is simply expected to work correctly, all the time, with no problems at all. Of course, like any appliance in the home, it is as subject to…

Ask almost any plumber, and they will tell you that a homeowner’s hot water heater is typically one of the most frequently ignored appliances they own. It is an appliance that is simply expected to work correctly, all the time, with no problems at all. Of course, like any appliance in the home, it is as subject to maintenance as any other. For those running on electricity, the homeowner can usually expect to get somewhere around 12 to 15 years of good service out of the appliance. Gas tanks may only last up to 12 years at a maximum. But there are things the homeowner can do to extend the life of their appliance.

One thing a homeowner can consider for their hot water heater is an insulation jacket. Though uncommon, these jackets can be found at just about any large hardware store. They will aid the appliance in keeping the water warm and remove some of the inherent inefficiencies in the design. Of course, simply keeping up with regular maintenance is probably one of the best things any homeowner can do. Checking for leaks, consulting with a plumber on occasion, and making sure all screws and gauges are properly fitted are all wise things to incorporate into a maintenance schedule.

If you’re simply not getting what you need out of your hot water heater, it may be time for a change. If this time has come, make sure you take into consideration the newer types of appliances out there. Technology has come a long way in recent years and newer heaters can save you hundreds of dollars in terms of excess energy use. Look for the Energy Star label if you want an appliance that will operate as efficiently as possible. You may also be able to get tax incentives and rebates if you choose to go with such a model.

Speaking of energy efficiency, some customers have found satisfaction in moving to a tankless hot water heater. Instead of keeping a continuous supply of heated water, these appliances only heat when the customer turns on the hot water. There are numerous benefits to such a machine. For one, it will use much less energy, as it isn’t wasting electricity trying to heat water which may not be used for several hours (by which time is has already been cooled and heated several times). For another, you won’t have to worry about running out of hot water should everyone in your house decide to take a shower at the same time. For people who live in large families, this could be all the reason you need to make the switch.

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Appliance Repair Services -Save Yourself Money, Time, and Stress With Timely Appliance Experts

Our business is built on quality, great pricing, and timely service. This article by Mario Miller gives some great reasons why choosing to repair your appliance is the smartest choice you can make for your wallet, stress, and time. We hope you enjoy this article by Mario Miller.

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Mario Miller

Business Articles | November 22, 2015

Dealing with appliance repairs right away can save you a lot of time and money, and it can also keep you from getting stressed out. Rather than put off repairs to your major home appliances, you should deal with appliance problems right away.

More often than not, the underlying problem with an appliance is simply a matter of the unit requiring maintenance, part replacement, or simple repairs. These needs are all easy to fulfill with one call to your local major appliance repair professionals. In addition to the large appliances one may find mixers, coffee pots, toasters and other small items in the kitchen. These items are reasonably priced so one does not expect to have them repaired should they stop working. It is much less expensive to simply purchase new ones.

Appliance repair companies with great reputations and even greater prices are not that difficult to locate if you know the key things to look for. A reliable and trustworthy appliance repair shop in your area need not be a strenuous and stressful issue. Besides the fact that Appliance Repair Services will to re-establish domestic dynamic, specialist appliance repair thought is also helpful since it can help you avoid having to purchase a whole new device. 

Choose Appliance Repair Services for a Quick Fix 

No matter what the source of your appliance troubles, your local appliance installation and repair experts can help you at a fraction of the cost of replacing your unit. Serving all major household and business appliances, your local appliance repair professionals can’t make your chores fun, but they can make them easy again!

If you put off repairs to your appliances, then the problem can get much worse over time. What was once a simple refrigerator repair could turn into a more complicated problem if you don’t get the solutions that you need right away.

Qualified Appliance Repair Technician – Get the Job Done Right the First Time

Don’t waste your hard-earned money purchasing a new appliance when your dishwasher or fridge is on the fritz. Get affordable, effective appliance repairs instead and save big!

The simple truth of today’s economy is that times are tough and few people have the kind of cash reserves that they used to. Unexpected costs like buying a new refrigerator or dishwasher can be a huge burden for you. Professional appliance repair service can help get your appliances back into working order without costing you an arm and a leg.

You can also save money on an expert consultation by checking for these common appliance problems and consulting your owner’s manual at the first sign of trouble. However, avoid tackling complicated repairs on your own if you aren’t extremely familiar with the machine’s mechanical workings. A certified professional repairman will have the knowledge, skill, and replacement parts to get your broken appliance up and running in no time.

Also make certain that any company you hire is licensed by the state. This means that the state knows the individual or company in question is servicing appliances. It also means that the appliance pro has agreed to abide by state-determined standards of acceptable practices, is liable for penalties for illegal practices, and is required to give consumers important information


Having informed people do repairs when these machines break down is equally important. They can do the job quickly, efficiently and much less expensively than one would think. Whether considering appliance repairs and installations it is much to one’s advantage to have an expert do the job.

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Key Reasons Why You Should Consider Appliance Repair Services Rather Than Replacement

If you thinking about spending or financing a new appliance, wait just for a moment and consider a repair service instead. Our team at True Appliance Repair of Harlingen, TX are always on the lookout for ways to educate ourselves and our customers about appliances. Check out the article from Mario Miller. We hope you enjoy it.

The True Appliance Team

Mario Miller

Business Articles | December 11, 2015

When it comes to appliance repair services, there are some fundamental reasons why they are important. In fact, a lot of people consider replacing their appliances, but it’s actually much more practical to simply repair the appliance that you already have. If you have spent a lot of money getting this appliance, then there is a lot of value in restoring it. 

Additionally, the appliance that you already own probably matches your furniture and other products inside your home. Purchasing a new appliance would be very costly, so why not just restore the one that is already inside your home? 

The following reasons explain why you should consider appliance repair services rather than replacement.

  • Restoring an old appliance is far more affordable than purchasing a brand-new one

While you may think that appliance repair services would be expensive, they are actually not. Appliance repair services are highly affordable. This is why restoring an old appliance is far more affordable than purchasing a brand-new appliance. A brand-new appliance could literally cost you thousands of dollars. However, appliance repair services are typically under a few hundred dollars. Sometimes, the appliance repair service will even be under $100. This is a very affordable rate to get your appliances repaired quickly.

  • Restoring your old appliances allows you to keep your current decor

It is very likely that the appliances in your home match the current decor of your home. Purchasing a brand-new appliance would mean that you would have to find new furniture to accompany those items. You may not be able to find a brand-new appliance in the exact color that your pre-existing appliance was in. This would be very challenging in order to redecorate your entire decor of your home. Why not just stick with the appliance that you already have and get it repaired at an affordable price?

  • Your current appliances could be expensive and worthy of keeping

Another reason why you should consider appliance repair services, rather than completely replacing the appliances that are located in your home, is because the appliances that you already have could be very expensive and worthy of keeping. Rather than replacing them with an even more expensive appliance, you could just restore that and keep them inside your home. Appliances today sometimes cost thousands of dollars and this type of expenditure is just not worth it. There are much more affordable options out there, especially appliance repair.

Appliance repair companies provide highly valuable services and when you want to restore your appliances and get them back into working order, you need to get in contact with them. They provide the services that homeowners and business owners need to effectively get their appliances back into order and functioning. Appliance repair companies even provide discounts and coupons so that you can save a lot of money on your purchase. It’s definitely something that you will want to look into, be sure to go online to find out what appliance repair companies in your area can do for you.

As you begin your search for an appliance repair company there are three things that you have to consider above all other details. These are as follows:

  1. Experience. You don’t ever want to consider hiring an appliance repair in any part of the country that is not experienced. If you make this mistake, you could find out soon enough that you have the wrong person at your home. Subsequently, the job may take longer than expected and you may not be happy with the end result – and that is not something you want to deal with.
  1. Knowledge. It is essential that you find a provider that is able to show that they are knowledgeable enough to help you with anything that comes up, no matter what it may be. While some people think they know what they are talking about, others prove this time and time again. You must make sure you are out in front of everybody else in terms of the knowledge you are bringing into your home. Make sure the professional you hire has more knowledge than you, ensuring that the job gets done right.
  1. Competitive pricing. While you don’t want to search for an appliance repair company based on price alone, this is something that should be very important to you. There is nothing worse than hiring a company that is able to do the job but costs entirely too much. This will disappoint you in the long run. There are companies out there that charge a reasonable amount of money without skimping on parts or service. This is the type of provider you should be looking for, no matter what it takes.

These are just three of the many things that you may want to focus on when it comes to finding an appliance repair company in your area. 

If you follow this advice, you should be able to find an appliance repair company that can provide you with exactly what you want. There is nothing better than that, so you should keep an open mind as you compare your options in hopes of finding the perfect choice.

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Appliance repair company- reasons to hire repair professionals

Do you need a reason to repair your appliance? Well we think there are plenty of them. Our team at True Appliance Repair of Harlingen came across this article and thought that our valued customers would really enjoy it. Written by one of our favorite article writers Mario Miller. We hope you get some great value and information from it. Please enjoy.

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Mario Miller

Business Articles | January 23, 2016

As an appliance owner, you should realize the importance of hiring a professional appliance repair company as it is the best way of getting your appliance repaired.

You should look for professionals who can repair your appliances in the most cost effective manner so that you can get a completely functional appliance. The professionals that you hire should be certified and licensed for providing the repair work because an inexperienced professional can damage your appliances. If you have certified and knowledgeable professionals, then there is a high probability of completing the repair work in the most effective manner. Therefore you need to look for the most reliable professionals with the help of online reviews from their past customer. It is the best way of determining the experience and knowledge of the professionals. 

Appliance repair professionals should have wealth of experience because it is very important for knowing the working of the appliances and the problems faced by the different kinds of appliances. Look for professionals who strive for customer satisfaction and should possess the right tools and equipments that are needed for carrying on the repairs work. Affordable rate is also an important criterion that you need to keep in mind at the time of hiring appliances repair professional. This is very important so that you can get your appliances repaired in a cost effective manner. The rates of the professionals should also be reasonable and they should have wealth of experience for helping you get the best repair services. An experienced repairman can address any kind of issues with your appliances so that it can work optimally. 

There are different reasons why you need to hire appliance Repair Company which includes-

Malfunctioning washer- when your washer is not working then you will need to seek the assistance of repair professionals. Washing machines depends on a component known as agitator that is used for swishing, swirling and spinning the clothes through its entire cycle. If there is any problem with the components of the machine then you will need to hire repair professionals for fixing this issue in the most effective manner. 

Silent dishwasher- when your dishwasher turns on but doesn’t run then the problem is with the float switch that is used for controlling the amount of water entering the appliance. For this problem you will need to call a service technician who will remove the objects that are jamming the float switch but ensuring that it does not damage the part. 

Stalled washing machine- the most common problem faced by washing machine is damaged door switch, lid or machine might have broken in the middle of the cycle. If there is any problem with the switch then machine might stops running and hence it is very important to hire repair professionals for replacing the door switch. 

Cold dryer- cold dryers are the most important appliance that is used in homes for removing moisture from the wet accessories and garments. If the dryer stops performing its primary function then the problem is with the blown thermal fuse. When the thermal fuse breaks down then heat will not be produced by the dryer and for this problem the professionals will replace the thermal fuse as well as check the cycling thermostat. 

Leaky freezer- majority of the modern freezers can periodically complete the defrost cycle for saving the homeowners from the trouble of defrosting entire unit at regular intervals. But if there is any problem with the defrost drain or if it is clogged with debris and food then water begins leaking into the lower shelves of the freezer. Thus an appliance repair technician will help in cleaning and replacing the defrost drain according to the demands of the situations. 

As you rely heavily on your home appliance, any problems with them can affect your life and hence it is very important that you keep these appliances in great condition for enjoying the benefits offered by these appliances. With regular repair and maintenance services by trained and experienced professionals, you can have complete peace of mind. You should look for a company that provides the best repair services at an affordable price and help you to get the desired outcomes for your appliances. 

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Professional Appliance Repair Why Is It Important?

Giving appliance repair some thought? Maybe you’re leaning towards a replacement? Our team at True Appliance Repair have a great article for you who are on the fence about buying new, or repairing. Mario Miller gives some great points about this very issue. We hope you can take some great insights from this article. We hope you enjoy!

The True Appliance Team

Mario Miller

Business Articles | November 26, 2015

Appliance repair is a service that you can get if you want to repair an appliance, or if you want to maintain the proper condition of all the appliances in your house. If your appliance is in need of a particular part, the appliance specialist is familiar of the stores where you can get the part at the lowest price possible. Some of them even have their spare parts, which will help you save more money for the repairs.

The types of appliances that they can repair may vary from small appliances such as blender and coffee maker up to the largest appliance that you have such as refrigerator and air circulator. The experience may also play a great role in the number of appliances that they can repair, and the quality of their work.

The reality is it’s hard to live without any of those housekeeping helpers you count on from dawn to dusk. That’s why when one of your home appliances goes on the blink; you need to be ready with a reliable appliance repair service just a speed dial away. Having a malfunctioning appliance can create much trouble. However, this does not mean that you have to empty your pockets. Getting help from a local appliance repair expert costs really lesser than to pay for a brand new replacement. These experts can as well advice you on the best way to maintain your appliances in order to make sure that you can refrain from spending more.

And remember, with all of the innovative new features available today, modern household appliances are more sophisticated than ever before. While that can make them a pleasure to use, it can also make them prone to malfunction. Even the best appliances sometimes break down, but that doesn’t mean you need to shell out big bucks for a replacement. Call your local appliance repair specialist today for affordable, effective appliance repairs!

Use Appliance Repair to Save Big

With the increased complexity of today’s household appliances, it’s never been more important to have an appliance specialist you can trust for refrigerator repair, oven repair, microwave repair, and more. Of course, with many appliance repairs, the answer could be as simple as changing out a single part. That’s why it’s a good idea to depend on an appliance repair service that includes a well-stocked appliance parts store. You don’t want your fridge or your washer to be out of commission one minute longer than is absolutely necessary because your repair person doesn’t have the part you need. 

Remember that while the DIY appliance repair service may tend to be simple and easy approach to save money, fixing oven, stove, or washer is more complex than you may be thinking about. Unless you’re sure you’re not getting in over your head, its best not to attempt do-it-yourself appliance repair. Sadly, there are some situations in which a repair will not fix the problem. If you’re having trouble with a machine but aren’t sure if, for example, you need to get a washing machine repair or if you should just buy a new washer, appliance professionals will be able to assess the problem and provide you with the information that you need to make a decision.

Your appliances work hard to add convenience to your life, so when they break down, it can create a major disruption in your daily routine. Whether a dishwasher repair issue has you hand washing every plate and fork or a refrigerator repair issue has you worried about spoiled food, appliance problems large and small can wreak havoc on your household. Professional appliance repair service can help get your appliances back into working order without costing you an arm and a leg.

Appliance repair isn’t just a matter of dealing with the inconvenience caused by a machine that’s not working right. It’s also about saving you money in energy costs and making sure that the malfunctioning appliance doesn’t pose any kind of threat to the people who are trying to use it. Fixing your own appliances when they break down can be a great way to save money–but only if you do it right! Remember, if you begin an appliance repair and end up getting stuck, it’s likely that you’ll actually end up paying more than if you had called the appliance repairman from the get-go.

So, if you need anything from a water heater fix to a washer repair, just call your local appliance or heating and cooling specialist today to take care of the issue right away. 


Regardless of the choice you make, it is still necessary that you hire the one who can give you the best service. I’m not saying that a specialist is better than home service or vice versa. The decision is still up to you, and this article only gave you an idea of the things that you can and cannot expect from an appliance repair specialist. Always keep this in mind because this will help you determine whether you need a home service or a specialist.

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How to Know You Need Professional Home Appliance Repairs

Wondering whether or not to repair your appliance? Well this article by Mario Miller will give you some great information about that decision. Our True Appliance team are always looking for ways to enhance our knowledge on appliances, and we love to share our knowledge with you our valued customers. Please enjoy this article by Mario Miller.

The True Appliance Repair Team

Mario Miller

Business Articles | December 4, 2015

Noticing when you need appliance repair can help you save money. By fixing your broken appliance in the start, you can often prevent the need for costly replacement appliance.

So paying some attention on how well your home appliances are working is definitely a good idea if you really want to make sure that you don’t want to end up footing energy bills that are higher than they’d have to be. Keep a look out for signs that you need appliance repair because it can surely help you ensure you get most value out of your home appliances and can also keep your wallet protected.

Some Signs You Need Appliance Repairs

There are quite a few obvious signs that you need appliance repair in your home. For instance, some of your appliances may stop working altogether. Your dishwasher may not turn on, or your refrigerator may stop working efficiently, then you know it’s time to hire an appliance repair company. While you may think that by putting off your dishwasher repair by washing your dishes with hand you can save some money, the truth is that you may end up paying more for your water bills since most dishwashers are more efficient than hand washing. So it’s obvious that when your dishwasher is broken, then you need to secure professional appliance repair service right away. Having your machine up and running again will be much more energy efficient and will also cut down on your water usage. You also won’t have to spend hours washing your dishes with hand. You can also save a large amount on a replacement unit.

Sometimes the signs you need appliance repair are not so obvious. Some appliances in your house may turn on but may fail to function in a proper way, and this could cause serious inconvenience as well as increase your energy bills. As such, you should closely monitor your appliance and look for signs that may confirm it is not working to the best of their ability. For instance, if it takes twice as long to cook your favorite recipes, then you immediately need oven repair. If you let all these issues go unattended for even few weeks, it could cost you hundreds of dollars when you may end up spending more on buying a brand-new appliance, or paying huge energy bills. The best course of action is to find a professional appliance repair expert and deal with the problem right away.

Increased Energy Bills

One major sign that you need quick appliance repair can actually be found in your monthly energy bills. While you may not have noticed it takes longer for your dryer to dry your clothes, but you’ll definitely notice a sudden increase in your monthly electricity bills if its cycles are taking longer. When you start noticing that your cycles are taking longer, it’s definitely a good idea to look around in your house to see if your appliances are working to the best of their ability. If your air conditioner is working too hard, then it might also increase your energy bills. In this situation, you must consider air conditioner repair. If you fail to take the initiative to hire a reputable appliance repair service right away to secure expert AC repair, then you could stand to lose a lot of money in the long run.

Get Professional Help Right Away

The easiest way to ensure your finances are protected is to get efficient appliance repair service as soon as you can. While you may think you can save some money by putting off over or refrigerator repair, the truth is that waiting may usually cost you more. Appliance issues can go from bad to worse within no time, so it is best if you don’t take any chances. You can either perform appliance repair on your own, or contact a professional appliance repair service to help you get your malfunctioning appliances running in good condition once more.

So if you’ve decided to get your appliances repaired professionally, be sure to choose your company carefully. If you have warranty on your appliance, it’s better to use a specific company as you may not want to void your warranty. If you want to choose your own appliance repair technician, shop around. Reputation can tell so much. In many cases, you can seek references from your coworkers, family and friends. You may want to make sure your appliance repair is done the right way the first time and with as little cost as possible. However, keep in mind that cheapest is not always the best. Low cost is desirable, but trustworthiness and reliability are important too.

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