3 tips to Get Your Dishes Cleaner

Article by Leo: True Appliance Repair Specialist

Don’t run off and buy a new dishwasher, get yours serviced. This is the simplest and easy way to get your dishwasher working like new.

If you have a dishwasher that is just not performing the way it’s supposed to be, Chances are you’ll need to start looking for a professional to come in and solve the problem. At times, however, the machine isn’t the problem. It is true that most modern dishwashers can handle huge messes and stains better than those that were around just 5 years ago, there are things that we can do to help our dishwasher perform better and more efficient. Before you go out and buy another dishwasher because you’re tired of seeing yours leave the dishes dirty and wonder if maybe you should wash them by hand. Continue reading to find some helpful tips that will get your machine cleaning better.

Tip#1 – Soften Your Water

When trying to get your dishes spotless, hard water can make that very difficult. Whether your washing by hand or by machine, hard water is not your friend. We recommend having a professional run a test on your water to find out the hardness level. If the results indicate you have hard water, it would be wise to consider a water softener for your home. Softer water interacts better with soap. It creates more suds and is great for your skin. Just a side note on that. lol. With a water softener your dishes will be gleaming and cleaner.

Tip #2 – Pre-Rinse

If your the person that does a pre-washing by hand before putting your dishes into the machine, you might be hindering your machine effectiveness. Pre-washing also wastes water and time. Why have a dishwasher at all if you’re going to be cleaning them before by hand anyway. Your dishwasher is designed to fight through stains and debris. Let your washer do what it was designed to do and give the soap and jets something to work through. With that said, you don’t want large chunks hanging off your dishes before throwing them in either. So we recommend a pre-rinse before a full wash in the machine. You’ll find that this simple thing does the trick.

Run Hot Water

The last technique we recommend is to run the hot water in your kitchen sink before starting your dishwasher. Believe it or not, the dishwasher only has one connection to your home’s water line. That line is the hot water. As you know, it sometimes takes time for the hot water to run all the way through the pipes and exit through the faucet. Since your dishwasher is connected via your sink, getting the hot water going and ready will to work right when the washer fires off will create a much more efficient process and most importantly, cleaner dishes.

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Thank you for your support.

The True Appliance Repair Team

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