Signs You Are Mistreating Your Fridge

True Appliance Repair - Common Refrigerator Bad Habits

Article by: Jay – True Appliance Repair Master Technician

Now a days, most refrigerators are considered high-tech. They can tell you the weather, what items your low on, and even come with touch screens and bluetooth capabilities. But what these advanced appliances don’t tell you is whats going on with your bad habits and how its damaging the overall functions of your refrigerator. No your not beating the fridge with a stick or anything like that, but there are things that we do that effect the fridge in ways we are not aware of.

Our True Appliance Repair experts are here to offer some great insights into the most common things you do that can cause things to go wrong with your fridge, and how you can properly care for your refrigerator appliance. Plus, a little advice on how to fix these common mistakes in fridge care.

PROBLEM: Condenser Coils. Have you given them a clean lately? (Your response – “What’s a condenser coil?”

WHY YOU SHOULD BE CONCERNED: First of all, your condenser coils are usually located behind the fridge either at the bottom behind the grill, or just behind the fridge itself, or even at the top. These coils regulate your refrigerators temperature, so if you don’t clean them from time to time, dust and debris can build up and mess with the temperature of your refrigerator. This makes your food unsafe and will eventually take a tole on your refrigerators overall performance.

HOW TO FIX IT: This is a quick fix. Just go down to your local hardware store and ask for a brush specifically designed to clean coils. Then locate the coils on your fridge and just like you would a duster, brush the coils to clean out all the dust and debris. We at True Appliance Repair recomend cleaning your coils twice a year.

PROBLEM: To Much Food In The Fridge.

WHY YOU SHOULD BE CONCERNED: Wait a minute, having to much food is a problem? Well this is a simple explanation. Your refrigerator keeps your food cold by venting air into the compartment. Having an overflow of food can block the air vent and prevent the proper circulation of cold air to get to every part of your refrigerator. This can result in a warmer the average environment for your fridge.

HOW TO FIX IT: Typically, its not the fresh food that causes overloading, but the leftover older food that should not be there anymore that can cause this problem. So make sure to empty your fridge every week to avoid overfilling your refrigerator.

PROBLEM: Changing the Water Filter is Not A Suggestion, Its a Requirement.

WHY YOU SHOULD BE CONCERNED: The water filter clears out the pollutants and minerals from your local municipal water pipes. Ignoring the replacement of the water filter can be an issue when it comes to your family’s health. In addition, these pollutants if not properly filtered will build up in the pipes. Eventually, a water filter wont matter.

HOW TO FIX IT: We recommend you change the filter every 6 months. Changing the filter isn’t rocket science, but if you need us, our professionals at True Appliance Repair are available when you need us.

PROBLEM: Oh no, The Milk Leaked Out.

WHY YOU SHOULD BE CONCERNED: Having spills in the fridge is pretty common place. A refrigerator can be a messy thing sometimes, but if you neglect to clean when these spills happen you can expose your family to food potential bacteria that can build up with liquids or foods that are left to root.

HOW TO FIX IT: Like we suggested with our overfilling solution, while you are clearing out your fridge, check for any spills that might have happened and take a mild cleaner and take care of those spills before they grow and reck havoc on your families health.

PROBLEM: Ignoring the Gaskets. Are they Leaking?

WHY YOU SHOULD BE CONCERNED: Gaskets have one job, to keep the cold air on you refrigerator. Over time these gaskets can crack. Some begin to tear with over use, and even become loose. This can lead to cold air escaping and bring the temperature of your fridge to an unsafe level.

HOW TO FIX IT: Check your gaskets from time to time. Sometimes you’ll be able to see where the damage is, but if your suspecting that they are leaking cold air, just call us and we can go and replace them for you.

Taking care of your fridge is not a difficult thing to do if yo know the proper way to do it. Following these simple steps and being aware will at the end of the day save you time and money on repair, and will most definitely extend the life of your refrigerator.

We hope you enjoyed this article, let us know what you think and hope you come back to visit us again.

Jay – True Appliance Repair Master Technician

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