3 Tips To Make Your Dryer Last Longer

True Appliance Repair - Dryer Maintenance Blog Post - McAllen, TX

Article by: Jay – True Appliance Repair Technician

1. Clean the lint trap. 

Ok was it really necessary for us to put something so obvious? Maybe not but you will be surprised how much of a difference this small task can really help extend the life of your dryer. When it comes to dryer maintenance and function, it all about the AIR FLOW. Clearing our the lint keeps air flow moving with ease and doesn’t cause your dryer to work harder then it needs to be.

Speaking of Air Flow, this is true for your air conditioning ducts as well. Dust can gather and restrict air flow. For better air quality in McAllen, visit Primoacrepair.com

Ok back to your dryer needs.

2. Replace an accordion-style duct. 

Most homes have a ridged plastic or foil duct. This is normal, but with these kind of accordion ducts, lint can easily get trapped in the folds and restrict air flow which always places more strain on your dryer. We recommend replacing your accordion duct With a rigid metal one. The smoother walls allow for less dirt and lint to get stuck and clog your duct. Always use duct connectors and clamps made of metal or even foil tape to reinforce the sections with metal sheet metal screws.

3. Keep the duct clear. 

Ideally, the duct coming from your dryer leading outside should not sag, or have any roller coaster type curves in it. It should go from the dryer down to the wall attachment. If there are folds or curves, lint can get stuck in between the ridges and begin to build up over time also restricting the air flow. This will cause your close not to dry fully, and make you have to run it again only to bring your energy bill higher and bringing your dryer closer and closer to needing repair or worse, replacement. So we recommend replacing the duct at least once a year, or just doing a simple cleaning the duct with a vacuum to save money on buying another duct.

Final Thoughts

We hope you have found this post helpful and useful and we encourage you to make these suggestions a routine for you. We don’t think about our dryer until we are forced to. Let’s make some simple changes now so that your dryer will stand the test of time, and help keep your energy cost down.

Till next time

Jay – True Appliance Repair Technician

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