Small Appliances For Making Your Cooking Great Fun

Article by: Aly – True Appliance Team Member

Some of the most commonly used appliances are all the small ones you have in the kitchen. Many are portable and can used over a countertop or a table. Items such as electric pressure cooker, electric steamers, indoor grills, pressure cookers, slow cookers, rice cookers and many many more are all classified as small appliances. Not to be confused with major appliances, which remain stationary.

 Usually all small appliances are powered via a power cord and an electrical outlet. some handheld small appliances are battery powered and need to be recharged from time to time.

The Pressure Cooker

When considering what the most important small appliance in the kitchen is, many consider the electric pressure cooker as the one that rains supreme. It increases the temperature of boiling water which helps to cook the food much faster, also they require less water. When the pressure cooker first came out, they were prone to exploding, so they were not used very much. Of course this was solved by the added features of a locking system that prevented explosions from happening. The electric pressure cookers made tasks much easier because it regulated the internal temperature automatically. Using a pressure cooker can also save on energy costs and about 70% of the time it takes to cook over a stove top equipped with programable setting for more specified cooking needs. Some of these setting are: browning, warming, simmering and sautéing. When it comes to cleaning, and the ease of operating, the pressure cooker is by far the best choice for a small appliance in the kitchen.

Electric Steamer

Want to avoid oil, frying, or broiling? The Electric Steamer is what you need to have in the kitchen. Steaming your food keeps all the nutrients in, where as fried or broiled will burn off many of the healthy ingredients in your food. This explains why the electric steamer has gained a lot of popularity with the healthy conscious community. Many Chinese dishes are prepared with the help steamers. For this reason, many refer to the electric steamer as a rice steamer, or food steamers. If you have ever tried to cook rice, you know that the trickiest part is making sure it is cooked evenly, which can take some time to master. The electric steamer cooks rice quite efficiently, and evenly. Next time your thinking about a healthy rice dinner, don’t hesitate to get yourself an electric steamer and go ahead and through in some meats and veggies in there too. Why not cook an entire meal while you’re at it.

In conclusion, get yourself a pressure cooker and a food steamer. They are easy to use and will free up your time. and as always if you ever need a repair, you can always call your TRUE appliance repair specialist for all your small, or LARGE appliance needs.

Happy Cookin’

The True Appliance Repair Team

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